Zilo Networks

Zilo Networks is now owned by Sirk Productions and is in the process of being rebranded to SirkTV. Please contact Sirk Productions if you would like receive SirkTV.

About Sirk Productions

Since 1997 Sirk Productions has been dedicated to producing original feature films and television programming. From our award winning feature documentaries Severe Clear and Anytown, USA to our critically acclaimed television program The Inside Reel our mission is to produce content that is inspiring, thought provoking and entertaining.

For more information on Sirk Productions visit us at www.sirkproductions.com.

About Zilo

Founded in 1999, New York City-based Zilo Networks quickly became one of the leading integrated entertainment and marketing networks designed specifically for college students and young adults.  Among its most notable accomplishments: the creation of Zilo TV, the nation’s largest dorm room campus cable television network, which in Spring 2009 was sold (and is in the process of being rebranding) to SirkTV. Zilo’s original programming has ranged from “The College Music Awardstm” to the “Off the Hook” comedy series to “Exiled,” the first ever reality competition created by and for college students.  The on and offline series “Get $tupid” is credited with catapulting the widely popular CollegeHumor.com (now a part of IAC) to 6 million monthly users.

Founders David Isaacs and Campbell McLaren’s credits include creating the wildly popular “Ultimate Fighting Championship®”; producing over 40 live Pay-Per-View music and comedy events; executive producing “The Wrong Man” for CourtTV/truTV, “The Iron Ring” – BET’s high-rated docu-drama series featuring hip-hop celebrities – and “Off Bowery,” a ten-part series premiering this Fall following the lives of New York’s hottest downtown artists; and numerous charity (ACLU, Amnesty International) and cause-related (“Lifetime Women’s Film Festival Starring Susan Sarandon”) events.

To contact Zilo email us at  info@zilo.com

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