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Sirk TV First Look: The Essence of GRINCHMAS [Universal Studios Hollywood]

For the impending holidays, Universal Studios Hollywood brought back the famous Dr. Seuss character’s The Grinch to put a maddening spell on this joyful end of the year! The folks at Universal re-created ‘Who-ville” as if they had given life to the famous movie directed by Ron Howard and with Jim Carrey stealing the show as The Grinch. The Who-Ville Plaza has a few fun shows as well as a gigantic Grinchmas tree. With the back lot tour, the family can be ready to dance their soul away with some of the famous songs of the movie staged by the lively Who-ville habitants and the greedy green Grinch. But before leaving this enchanted place to come back to reality, don’t forget to indulge in some famous Grinch green cotton candy with the drink of your choice. It is a joyful moment you won’t want to miss at Universal Studios with the festivities continuing on until January 3rd.

By Emmanuel Itier

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Breathless Thrills & Drenched Spills: The Fun Of Universal Studios Hollywood – Feature

Transformers Characters-Prime and Bee Vertical-1

Nothing is more satisfying for a dad to hear his son yell out: “Dad! Let’s do it again!” And then going 3 more times! The doing was visiting Universal Studios Hollywood and experiencing the new breathtaking ride: “Transformers The Ride 3D”. For almost 10 minutes you are truly jumping into the universe of Transformers. It feels like you’re really fighting the robots yourself. Universal has had a punchy experience before with the 3D experience of T3. However, with this ride, on top of having a movie in 3D screened in your face, you are also moving on-board a Transformer car being totally “one” with the adventure.

Transformers The Ride-2

Michael Bay, the director behind the “Transformers” movies, was breathless when he experienced the ride: “The ride envelops the audience and makes them feel like they are in this world, that they are in the midst of these robots…I wish we could do this with the movies”. My son wanted to go over and over it again and again. And yes, we did save the future of the human race several time fighting alongside Optimus Prime!

The magic of Universal Studios is also for children of all ages. Little ones like my two-year-old get mesmerized by the world of Dr. Seuss, especially when the celebration of GrinchMas is in full bloom. You can take a holiday photo with the Grinch and his dog Max but you can also join the backlot Whobilation as the Whos sing and dance through Whoville.

Jurassic Park Ride 3a

Two other iconic attractions still continue. One is the Studio Tour where you will discover about the magic behind Universal movies and have a close encounter with King Kong and Jaws. The other is the undeniable fun of the Jurassic Park ride. On this cold (for Los Angeles) day, we were lucky to get the full ambiance with an enhanced fog machine giving this haven of dinosaurs a truly creepy feel. My son and I were in the front row and we got drenched with a big smile on our faces.

Jurassic Park Ride 5

Universal Studios is one destination not to miss when in Los Angeles, because there is always something new to discover. I will forever remember trying The Mummy ride for the first time a few years ago. It’s great to see that it still frightens even the more experienced rider.

So as we finish the celebration of Grinchmas take your whole family for a well deserved break in an enchanting place: Universal Studios Hollywood.

By Emmanuel Itier  

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