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Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: YE [Top Shelf]

The aspect of a mute whose voice is taken by the breath of colorless king bathes in the simple structure of metaphor. But that said it is also tricky to tell a story with a protagonist who only says one word for most of the story. The essence of this reflects in “Ye” [Guilherme Petreca/Top Shelf/176pgs] with the texture of the comparable Baron Munchausen since the idea is that most wouldn’t believe his stories if he could tell them. Ye heads out in search of a extraction of knowledge when a bomb dropped by an old bomber turns into a crow who by texture gives him a feather to find answers. It is sort of a reverse perspective of “Dumbo” in the aspect that the feather shows Ye the way from many angles. The most key adventure is that of a pirate ship which Ye is trafficked onto against his will when he misses his train. By circumstance he ends up being involved in a coup which strands him on an icy isle yet he works his way up in a circus tent with a would be clown who has a hot air balloon (another Munchausen reference). Ye’s eventual finding of his voice is a bit haphazard but works in the vein of reflexivity as it is about the mirror of his fears yet it gives no better insight into what the plight of this King actually is.


By Tim Wassberg

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