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IR TV Review: DOCTOR WHO (“Spyfall – Part I”) [BBC America – S12]

The trajectory of “Doctor Who” is reflected on who and what her perceived enemy seems to be. Sometimes this idea is wrapped in what might be stakes. In previous incarnations there was a sense of chemistry or darker mystery. With the Season 12 premiere with “Spyfall – Part I”, the progressions seems a bit sloggy. The enemy is slowly uncovered with a secret spy ring involving aliens being at the center of the culprit. The reality of the scenario is not as enticing since most of it seems to be buried in a notion of absolute evil which is both diabolical but also unassuming. The Doctor and her team are recruited by MI6 which seems a little too normal for a wizard of sorts that can hop around the cosmos. This adventure seems undeniably earthbound most of the time. The metaphor speaks more towards what might be a thematic on an inner journey but as the story moves on, it feels more like an ego balance against the doctor especially in the closing minutes which are action packed but slightly empty. Hopefully the conclusion paints a more interesting and intrinsic picture on par with The Doctor’s previous escapades.


By Tim Wassberg

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