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Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: THE MAXX – 100 PAGE GIANT [IDW]

The essence of perception has always been in the structure of The Maxx but within “The MAXX: 100 Page Giant” [Sam Keith/IDW/75pgs], the veil of his true form shines through a little more. Unlike most adventures where he disappears into the metaphor of the outback, MAXX spends more time than not in this adventure in dumpsters or on a social worker’s couch. it didn’t make him any less compelling but a little more pathetic and pitiful as a result. But again, part of that feeds into the irony of who he is and who he wants to be. MAXX wants to be all powerful and save people but more often than not he scares them and is awkward. He previous adventure with Julie is an interesting quandary since her perceptions of Mr. gone as related to her father give a more scitzophrenic version if proceedings. the twilight purple haze that hangs iver the story speaks to its embracing of the misunderstood. While MAXX might never find his way back to sanity or even a clean lampshade, his adventures still continue with verve.


By Tim Wassberg

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