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Sirk TV Book Review: FOUND [Oceanview]


Progressing on the notion of normal ideals in a lead character, Matt Royal does, as normal protagonists go, that what is needed to make sure that both the story is served but also to illuminate a piece of South Florida that distinctly has its identity together. In moving forward into a more deepened relationship with his detective girlfriend, the line between truth and what he wants to hide, as far as his war weary friend Jock shows a dexterity of loyalty. In “Found” (H. Terrell Griffin/Oceanview/325pgs), the idea revolves around to organized crime interrelated to a former friend of Royal’s said beau. The violence in this outing is a little pronounced as is the interconnecting history of a lost U-Boat from World War II in the Gulf Of Mexico. The appearance of treasure is of course implied but ultimately revealed to be something different than what is implied. Unlike earlier Matt Royal novels, the degradation of human behavior is more pronounced in this outing. Still apparent are the rides in the bay and the simple life the Longboat Key area provides which really gives a sense of setting to these tales much like “Burn Notice” on television gave to Miami. But like that outing, this is a serial but no previous knowledge of the lead character is really necessary to understand the narrative. Matt Royal in this novel takes more risks despite any other tensions. The action though disengages from him at times to examine different actions taking place in other arenas which is a new development. Ultimately the ruse is revealed especially with the introduction of said female detective’s new best friend who seemingly becomes part of the family. “Found” is an effective addition to the library adding more details to the growing saga of Matt Royal.


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