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First Look: Boba Fett – CLONE WARS – CN

Lucasfilm and Cartoon Network just provided IR with this new still from the Season 2 Episode of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” entitled “Death Trap” where a young Boba Fett poses as a young Clone cadet.

FIRST LOOK: Clone Wars – Season Two


Cartoon Network just provided IR with this new image of bounty hunter Cad Bane leading a droid contingent to battle the Jedi in an upcoming episode of the second season of “The Clone Wars”. The new season premieres October 2nd at 8pm.

First Look: Clone Wars Republic Heroes – Multi Consoles – Lucasarts @ E3 09


With the success of the series on Cartoon Network, the essence of the bridge between Seasons 1 & 2 comes through the pipeline using all the requisite assets with the actual production to fuel a console game breaking in September just in advance of the next premiere.

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