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Pretty Bird – DVD Review

“Pretty Bird” is one of those off kilter movies that simply tries to make a point while seemingly mistaking its characters most of the way. The core of the film revolves around an initially charismatic young man (played by Billy Crudup) who ends up being a total social misfit because he doesn’t want people to think he’s stupid. He takes advantage of his seemingly gay friend that runs a furniture business and cleans him out so he can sit around his office and hire a burnout rocket scientist (played with unfocused venom by Paul Giamatti) to rebuild a “rocket belt” (similar to the one Sean Connery seemingly flew as James Bond in the 60s). The plot, when there is some, revolves around this businessman trying to raise money but people really not getting him because they want to know more about the science. Instead of making the scientist a full partner, the young unsettled dreamer instead berates the tech guy and eventually steals the machine. Most of the third act involves the aspect of revenge but the reasoning doesn’t make any sense. Granted if this was a festival pickup, one does with it what one can but this would be near the bottom of the barrel in the acquisition rounds despite some of its actor pedigree. Out of 5, I give it barely a 1.

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