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The Ting Tings performing Live on JBTV April 4th, 2015

Join JBTV in welcoming The Ting Tings. When the duo decided to decamp to Ibiza to record their third album Super Critical, Katie and Jules from the Ting Tings had a slight ‘uh-oh’ moment. ‘We’d been to Berlin to make the second record,’ says Jules, ‘and done nothing but get high and look at great architecture. Going to Ibiza had party written all over it. Obviously we were going to get nothing done.’ As it turned out, unleashing their party spirit was exactly the impetus and momentum needed to craft something special and true to the starting spirit of their musical adventures. The Ting Tings were born out of the night-time. They bonded at sun-up, wired in Salford warehouses. Success came as a surprising blind-side to them. Being in the middle of an island for the winter, having to make all their own fun? This is the stuff they excel at.

Physically, Super Critical began in a rented Finca not far from the town of Santa Gertrudis. Emotionally, the starting point for the record was the touchstone glamour and twilit excess of 70s New York. Katie happened upon a picture that would come to foreshadow everything they locked into the record, of Diana Ross emerging from behind a curtain into the DJ booth at Studio 54. ‘Everything about her, the dress, the hair, the make-up, made her look like the most exotic and effortless creation,’ says Katie. ‘She was so glamorous, so of a moment, so not overdone. If we could get a sound even 5% close to what that picture was giving us, we knew we were onto something.’

The duo became obsessed with the idea of a lost night-time history, pre-EDM, stadium house, the Vegas-isation of the beat, even before acid house. As dance music culture corporatized, stagnated and began eating itself with its own cheap branding, The Ting Tings started to readdress the possibilities of a party through the prism of the past. ‘Rhythm was the basis for everything that happened on this record.’ Groove was in their heart.

Gang Of Four performing Live on JBTV Music Television Friday March 13th 2015 10:00 AM Pacific 12:00 PM Central 1:00 PM Eastern

LIVE Event Showtime Friday March 13th:
10:00 AM Pacific US
12:00 PM Central US
1:00 PM Eastern US
17:00 London
18:00 Paris/Berlin
20:00 Moscow

Welcome UK’s legendary post-punk GANG OF FOUR to Chicago to play live at JBTV Studios. JBTV is excited to have this historic band as guests to support their new album What Happens Next. This is the first album without vocalist Jon King, What Happens Next refers to both the outside world and the band itself: an emphatic commitment to the future. “The focus is more on universal issues, like how individuals behave in certain ways or how our world is constructed, than local issues or current affairs,” says founding guitarist and songwriter Andy Gill. “Gang of Four is anything but parochial.” When King left the project, a reinvigorated Gill seized the opportunity to re-imagine Gang of Four from the ground up. The new album is an unexpected twist that still operates as the next logical step for the legendary post-punk band.

Sandwiched between Joy Division’s landmark album Unknown Pleasures and Led Zepellin’s iconic IV, Gang of Four’s debut Entertainment! sits at #8 on Pitchfork’s Top 100 of the 1970s, proclaiming it “caustic and bursting with disgust for unethical capitalism, opportunist politicians and consumer society, among other things, but it’s also crafted with amazing pop sensibility – and is, of course, remarkably danceable.” Earlier this year, that same album was found on Kurt Cobain’s handwritten list of favorite albums. Echoing the singular importance of the band’s impact on music, Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello told Rolling Stone this past July 2014 that “there’s no one more influential on my guitar playing than Andy Gill.” Having been named a massive influence by many artists including Bloc Party, R.E.M., The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nine Inch Nails, The Rapture, Franz Ferdinand and LCD Soundsystem, among hundreds of others, Gang of Four’s legacy continues not by being frozen in a moment in time, but by constant evolution while remaining true to the original spirit of the band.

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