IR TV Review: DOOM PATROL – EPISODE 5 (“Finger Patrol”) [DC Universe-S2]

The ideal of acceptance or even of hope is a progressive ideal. So far in the 2nd season of “Doom Patrol”, the idea of what is being searched for has not quite had a steady through-line. However in Episode 5: “Finger Patrol”, it starts to regain its bearings in many ways. it interestingly enough works within the story-line of parallels with the team members seeing a little bit of themselves in others. Specifically a spark point is when Baby Doll comes out to speak to The Chief. There is almost a transference even though he betrayed her. Sometimes that innocence really belies an ignorance that perhaps Jane is all too aware of. But it is this diametric between Baby Doll and Dorothy that really fuels the episode. Baby Doll wanting to return to a time of happiness but not understanding the danger she is playing with. Dorothy, by comparison, asking why she needs or if she needs to grow up by the monsters inside her. It is a tricky balance especially when kids get vindictive or misrepresent their feelings.

Without giving anything away, this is where it comes to a head. Unlike the previous episode which had more tongue-in-cheek elements, the function here is darker, more dramatic and essential which is when the series truly thrives. The balance works very well with the story that Larry and Rita follow which again is based in acceptance mirrored with a tinge of betrayal. It is heartfelt and without giving too much away it is heartbreaking. Destruction seems to follow these characters literally most of the places they go, even though many of their actions are done with the best intentions. Clint and Cyborg’s story is the least of the parallels. Victor’s story is necessary but right now is the least dynamic of them all but hopefully his drama in what he is dealing with will grow. Cliff always gets into trouble since he dreams about the life he wants and is a magnet for punishment. Of course, the continuing thematic and literal parallel to “The Wizard Of Oz” of course is essential. Cliff’s flights of fancy though give a needed boost of levity which the episodes need as well providing a nice operatic coda without being too melodramatic.


By Tim Wassberg

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