Sirk TV Comic Review: MARVEL SMALL ISSUES (7-1-20)

The issues concerning these characters in this next batch of comics show a continuing embrace of knowing the path versus walking the path. Whether with Star, Hawkeye or even John Jameson, the question lies in control and freedom, and not ultimately of the endgame which many times is harder to see.

Hawkeye: Freefall #6 The aspect of Clint as a superhero is that he knows how to think outside the box which makes for a better criminal than most would think. The problem is that he tends not to think about collateral damage after the fact…a mistake he keeps on repeating versus foes who are a little bit more efficient in the way they approach their craft. Ronin just doesn’t want to stop whle he is ahead but he does know how to work the chess board, especially with the Red Hood. Egocentric bheavior breeds contempt, especially in followers. And that is what Ronin uses to his advantage. The problem is that even those who want to help him, he ultimately ends up hurting more and that is what sends him into freefall. Even though his sidekick Bryce had his own agenda, he protected him as did Night Nurse and to a lesser point Cap. The problem comes when he approaches the end of the line.

Spider Man: The Black Cat Strikes #5 Spider Man, as with most boy wonders, loses his cool or at least a little bit of his sense with the musings and actions of the girl he likes or is involved with. Felicia (aka Black Cat) in being the criminal knows how to play this despite some moral imbalances running below the surface. As per usual, Spidey is dealing with some kind of robot monster but it is more the monster that he cannot see. Black Cat likes the chase even if she knows exactly how to win. A car chase done in a flirting sort of progression makes it clear but it is the discussion between her and MJ that is the most telling and the biggest subtle character push of the issue that really stays with the reader.

Ravencroft #5 The essence of this criminal asylum like those that came before it is the idea of who is insane and who is trying to use that as a weapon through which to control. The idea is no different here with the idea of perception and control being the requisite factors. The initial panels of this issue really have a visceral quality with The Punisher and Misty attacking through the asylum with abandon before the captured heroes inside are given a way to live on by confessing their knowledge or being converted per se. The tricky idea is the tropes where the asylum will be incinerated at a certain point and what that means in the larger structure. What is actually really intense is the psychological bent specifically between John Jameson and Norm Osborn. The ultimate resolution is a neat reverse psychological warfare triumph that reflects in certain ways to some of the brilliance of what “Resident Evil” did in its inception but with less gore. The ultimate take away is who has been coerced versus betrayed.

Star #5 Independence in certain situations is made by choice but it depends what has come before. Star, as a character because of her possession of the reality stone, has come into an idea of power. Even when confronted by Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch who both are aware of what unbridled power does, Star still makes a definitive choice. While this is expected, these characters, and by extension the reader, can only learn the failure of a path sometimes by walking it instead of hearing about it. The Black Order is not without blame here either since their intentions ranging from person to person are muddled. Their progress depends on choice as well and what their goals are for the future. Star, in the same utterance, just wants to be herself and be free but in a way where she doesn’t quite understand or perhaps embrace the entire picture.

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