Sirk TV Comic Review: MARVEL SMALL ISSUES (5-20-20)

As with many characters, grappling with identity and who a person wants to be, both internally and to the outside world, can be a struggle. With the Marvel issues this week whether it be Star trying to find her footing against Captain Marvel to Clint (aka Hawkeye) literally interjecting his path with his duality, the stories reflect the unbalance within characters both good and bad that motivates their actions.

Star #4 Following the existential rumination of Riley Ryan aka Star, this issue has her still vying for control of the Reality Stone which makes her dangerous but unbalanced between good and evil. As she fights Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel, she is moving between being defeated and dying, all within her own head. This kind of transference makes her a very interesting character. The actual battle occurring with Black Swan and others trying to gain access to the stone is a reliable but vague plot point. What is more conducive is watching Danvers trying to see her opponent in a new way and Riley, despite her danger, dealing with vulnerability in her power.

Spider Man – Black Cat Strikes #4 Spider Man always has the ability to get distracted no matter what generation he is living in. He simply wants to believe the best in people. While that make him in a way notoriously naive, it is his burden to bear. His ex girlfriend Black Cat supposedly died in an explosion and while he is processing her death, the balance of Mary Jame comes in. Unlike Black Cat, MJ does not have superpowers but is better for him all the same. But it is interesting in Peter’s mind where guilt resides, whether a relationship works or not. As the issue progresses he reminisces about what Black Cat says versus her actions and what he might have been able to do to help her…not that she needs any.

Ironheart 2020 #1 Bringing the notion of Iron Man into the 21st Century, the impact and intentions of Tony Stark range high in this beginning tome about a young woman who was mentored by Stark and now tries to carry on some of his intentions while the new voice of Stark industries, one of her contempories subterfuges what Stark’s path or wishes might have been. Granted Tony Stark has immense issues of his own but it is interesting to see the structure through which this vision operates. Riri, also known as Ironheart, has a best friend who is an AI that he is a reflection of her best friend that died. She comes off as a reverse Id in many ways while her would be boyfriend tries to be the chorus in between the lines. This story tries to be at times a bit too modern with its references to intellicars but the notion of esteem and betrayal rings loud and clear.

Hawkeye: Freefall #5 The aspect of Ronin in between The Avengers movies is an interesting construct but the comics take a bit of a different path. Clint, as a character, definitely doesn’t want to play by the rules but he still wants a certain vengeance and texture of tit-for-tat. The problem is that his lashing out seems all over the place, not in terms of plot but just his psyche. This is supposed to show his lack of emotion or too much of it. The balance in this issue is who is the real person and who is not. Clint goes in and bullies cops, the Mayor, The Hood and even his sidekick but it ultimately simply opens up the wound a little more, especially regarding a certain lady friend. The slice that happens near the end in more true to the pain Clint is suffering than any other fight.

By Tim Wassberg

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