The perception of legacy has to do with how a story is told. Granted “The Mandalorian” owes many things to many people. But structure is a big part of it as well. In the second episode of “Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian” entitled “Legacy”, the approach is balanced in a progression of three very different perceptions: the original films, the prequels and the post-Disney acquisition. None of those differences are spoke of specifically but the aspects of flash points are very evident. The “Jurassic Park” moment is, of course, one many talk about and what influenced Stanley Kubrick to move forward on “AI” which he was not able to make before his death. It also encouraged Lucas to actually move forward on the next “Star War” trilogy. The person who is the most Interesting in this episode is Kathleen Kennedy who doesn’t do many roundtables like this. You can feel her power in the room, It is palpable even next to Filoni and Favreau. What is interesting is the different energies. Kennedy makes an interesting point that Lucas owns many many patents but each person sees the advances differently. Favreau doesn’t really say his but Filoni mentions Edit Droid and I believe “Episode 1” effects coordinator John Knoll mentions motion control. Kennedy says George was thinking of “Star Wars” during Indiana Jones (obviousy since he was still making them then).

Having Carl Weathers and Pedro Pascal (whom we haven’t seen too many interviews with) talking about their initial impact with”Star Wars” is interesting. Pascal’s memory mirrors my own in a way since he talks about his parents I guess getting the hard-to-score ticket to “Return Of The Jedi” on opening night in 1983. The same happened with me with my mother and her cousin getting me a seat for “Return Of The Jedi” at a midnight show opening night where they were standing room only in the back. I have an earlier memory of “Star Wars” but not actually being in the theater. I was only 9 at the time for”Jedi”.That is what legacy means more than anything else.: memory. Taikia Waititi’s reference on his favorite line in “Empire” is very telling. And David Filoni’s explaataion of the mythic representation of the “Duel Of The Fates” fight in “Episode1” is interesting in that it shows the underlying familial breakdown structure of the entire original and prequel trilogy. It shows his breathe and understanding of the universe specifically guided by Lucas. It also reflects the story he told earlier of his first Lucas meeting in episoe 1 of this series. Most of these interviews were seemingly done in the roundtable at one time so they probably last throughout the season. This episode is an important one and more based in the mythology than the process which helps with showing essence of motivation within the creators.


By Tim Wassberg

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