IR TV Review: STAR WARS – THE CLONE WARS – FINAL SEASON – EPISODE 8 (“Together Again”) [Disney+]

Finding a path sometimes takes a little bit of work. The most recent episodes of “The Clone Wars” try to show Aksoka Tano’s journey in an effort of an overarching view to lead into her eventual structure in “Rebels” but also in ultimately “The Mandalorian”. Her recent progress helping two sisters from the underground on Coruscant has been a journey of reflection but not as much where the amount of episodes reflected the need. The crux at one point regarding the Pike connection is understandable and, in many ways, brings to mind characters that will eventually be mined in “Solo” and that mythology (which again opens the animation world — maybe even more than the live action world in current circumstances). The circumspect ideas work well because it was put into play an episode prior. The thinking is good. The question becomes how much of this was laid out in the “Lost Season” structure and how much is new considering the canon which has been reflected lately.

Again it shows how dynamic this world continues to be and the possibilities for the Disney company (if the current pandemic lifts within a reasonable amount of time – both for production and theme parks). The question in the current season progression becomes with Ahsoka the idea of transparency and the aspect of whether to hide or embrace her actual powers. The dialogue is very specific which makes sense and the reveal undeniably rational (considering certain voice actors in play). But one wonders if the play again was always the plan or altered during the production process to provide cohesive parallel structure. Either way it is for great debate within the canon (which is always good). This episode is definitely an improvement from the last one but continues in an interesting way to pay homage to the seasons before it while seemingly keeping most of those characters we are familiar with at light speed length.


By Tim Wassberg

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