IR TV Review: DOCTOR WHO (“Praxeus”) [BBC America – S38]

The essence of The Doctor is relegated by her ability to find the balance in situations. Unlike previous incarnations which had a sense of weird whimsy to them, Jodie’s Whittaker’s Doctor at times is hard to gauge. She has a flippant approach but is always to the left of sincere. The key is trying to realize why she wants to truly save the humans. From Giraldi to Smith and in between, there was either a slight pity for humanity or an almost humorous nihilist point of view. Whittaker’s Doctor is eager and works through her thoughts on screen. While the Tesla episode had its intrinsic moments because of the fleeting tenets of connection between inventors and opportunities lost, “Praxeus”, as an episode, which uses the essence of plastic as a mutation source is interesting but almost the cliche. The affliction though is a way harder to describe and really comes off looking gross which is saying something. While this is good work from the effects departments end, it really comes off unnatural. The jumping of the Tardis around the Earth  almost as a portal takes into account the political correct but yet oddly liberal point of view through the narrative. But at the very end , it  is almost too self-sacrificing in a way without any real stakes. The issue so far with the current season is just its lack of emotional weight balanced with the humor which always set Doctor Who apart in its own quirky way.


By Tim Wassberg

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