Sirk TV Print Feature: KLAXOON, DRONES & THE MIX (CES Highlights) [Las Vegas, Nevada]

While AI and Robotics were a texture at the trade show at CES [Fest Track did a on-camera segment with OMRON], the aspect of drones, especially the fluidity of underwater drones, seemed to make an impact. The question becomes the increased lack of discussion between the essence of reconnaissance and payload. People want drones to be able to be used for delivery or possibility emergency rescue which dynamically it is not cable at the current point.

Something like The Ranger from XDynamics is taking into account the more streamlined drones for fast speed and agility along with carbon fibrs framing but the possible placement of the engines might cause interesting progressions in weather. However its ability to do thermal, lidar and infrared gives it an undeniable application with research groups for higher altitude reconnaissance. And although landing is integrated, it doesn’t seem fully fit for jungle incursions.

The Autel Dragonfish is a little more heavy duty with a more military drone appearance but for the commercial and possible private inlay to perhaps help with farming or long range flying since it has an 18 mile range and 100 minute flight time. It has PPK and RTK mapping as well as dual thermal reading from the two sensors onboard. It does require an extra transmitting station so it is heavy duty. The element of hovering would seem to be more difficult yet the industrial applications her seem to work well.

On the other end of the spectrum Klaxoom, a French Start Up has created an interesting meeting workspace application that interrelates notes and other elements. It is seemingly very intrinsic but not as comprehensive as one would hope. Concurrently, which did not fully and seemingly interconnect, they introduced a base station called Team Player with 9 buttons that are inter-programmable. It comes off as a mix between a tic-tac-toe board and a more advanced version of Simple Simon. It is inherently supposed to show you through a base station connected to your TV via HDMI the ability to make people’s live simpler. However programming this device into those apps or folders that they use the most seems counter intuitive. This would seem to be a good possibility for older consumers but again the actual programming of it does not seem intuitive yet. It uses multiple input devices including a scroll wheel. While it has a good design it just doesn’t necessarily balance what it is trying to sell and despite a good presentation effect inside Cox Pavillion at UNLV, the continued R&D should yield more results.

Many events outside the convention center, which had its share of beauty (including LG’s beautiful wave screen presentation with mirrors leading into its booth), seemed to optimize an ideal but not a practical application. On the other side, Samsung showcased at its booth the new foldable phone which is seemingly done to give a bigger screen but a more compact storing possibility. And although the sensors seem very good, the boundary of making that transition seamless while still giving all the functionality of the phone might hinder its adoption though consumers were clamoring to see how it physically felt.

On a more basic fun and practical level, Zhiyun, whose gimbals Fest Track/Travel Trak have been using for years, continues to highlight its importance but also its functionality within the industry. The Crane 3 is a beautiful piece of equipment which allows both the mount of DSLR as well as a cell phone while optimizing a X and Y axis and still being able to give a sense of fluidity. The possible implications for full video assist are undeniable.

Various events attended in terms of promoting brands beyond Klaxoom had varying degrees of success. Among those to be mentioned…The India Pavilion had a dinner reception at Oyo held by the Motwani Jadja Foundation with various practical applications. One was a high velocity potscrubber to alleviate older users from arthritis when they are washing their dishes. The NPD Group held a reception at Mirage’s 1OAK Nightclub to encourage networking that integrated into their data and analytic reports. The event was dynamic and more integrated and organized while also encouraging discussion. Keating held its annual soirée in the Hangover Suite at Caesars Palace with a dynamic of music and the usual fanfare.

CryptoVirtual Lounge also held a private VIP suite at the Salon Bar in the Presidential Suite at the Wynn Las Vegas to highlight Virse, a dynamic real estate design technology that allows both real world and virtual integration. The event was also co-hosted by Tracy Hutson from ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover so the integration level made undeniable sense. A final mention integrated with the Uproar Suite which was held at The Palazzo for a collection of start ups. One specifically to mention because of its possible application for stroke victims as well as casual gamers is Pico Interactive and its Nu-Eyes technology which optimized eye track where the sensor inside can completely adjust to mirror your eye movement. Its possible applications in medical practice for the measuring of cognitive ability for those who may be paraplegic but have extremely limited range of motions is undeniable.

CES continues to show its participants thinking outside the box while moving on top of other technological advances to create many parallel elements. This is indicative too in many ways in the wearable and in the drone space. But in the continuing years as technology continues to develop, the transition of how it affects the consumer and lifestyle continue to change.

By Tim Wassberg

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