Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: RENAISSANCE VOL. 1 – THE UPROOTED [Europe Comics]

The aspect of hubris flitters in the idea of redemption. But when there is no cure to a sickness that befalls a civilization that is when anarchy sets in. “Renaissance Vol. 1: The Uprooted” [Frederic Blanchard & Fred Duval/Europe/59pgs] approaches the perception from two angles: one of the belittled and one of the rescuers. However perception in a greater vision can be seen between invader and conqueror even if the plan itself is benevolent in nature. Any degree of darkness can be seen as stifling. In this story, humankind has unleashed a plague that it cannot contain. On another planet we see the elements of a species which acts in some ways as a emergency rescue organization in the cosmos. The parallel stories are an interesting diatribe on the notion of immigration within the ideals of humanitarian aide. The aspect of pride balances in the what the quid pro quo might be in the requisite continuation of the relationship. This reflects in the reaction of humans but also the use of relaxants almost as a calming force. The reasoning of why this is happening to the human race is not fully explored while the domestic tranquility of the aliens and their rites of passage are. The result is there is lack of parallel experience to show why one side should trust the other. Ultimately it comes down to the fact of a quest with a person who carries the cure becoming the catalyst for a series of other events, This of course is a relevant but tried plot device which ultimately levels the playing field. Yet the overwhelming technological possibilities of the aliens will not be enough to sway a necessary feeling of superiority that what is being done is for their own good.


By Tim Wassberg

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