Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: JASMINE – CROWN OF KINGS [Xenescope/Diamond]

The aspect of anti-heroes struggling against their powers is nothing new but the aspect of approaches to redemption can always different according to states of being. Like the upcoming “Dark Phoenix”, Jasmine in “Jasmine: Crown Of Kings” [Howard Mackie/Xenoscope/146pgs] doesn’t seem to have a full conception of her powers. However she is wracked by a sense of memory loss. She sees past pieces of her life as an immortal “jinn”, a form of genie who casts death and destruction in ancient times at the bidding of their masters. They were former slaves who now are free of those chains and want to find power on their own. The journey from slave to jinn is actually the more interesting story. The story in this volume of events is all about struggle for power but not necessarily the reason to shy away from it. The story does play on the popularity of “Game Of Thrones” while mixing in the coming of “Aladdin”. The issue is that the actual progression of the story is not deep enough with stakes to connect to make it feel meaningful. The dialogue is alright but sometimes overwrought with too much attention placed on story details in the words and not as much in simple imagery which in this form tends to work better. Also the establishment on Arcane Acre is not formed enough to give a true perception of its purpose (like say with “X-Men”). The cornerstone of the story is a battle between two would be sisters who were brought together out of threat instead of by need. The disconnection is ultimately what undoes the story because even with her betrayer Ali. Jasmine’s truth just doesn’t seem as inspired as it could be.


By Tim Wassberg

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