Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: ZOMBILLENIUM VOL 1 – GRETCHEN [Europe]

Unlike most Americans this journalist actually saw the big screen adaptation of “Zombillenium” [Arthur Des Pins/Europe Comics/58pgs] as an animated feature film when it premiered at Cannes in 2017. We even did an interview for it over at Inside Reel. What is interesting is that this graphic novel of course introduces the players of the film but it is interesting to perceive what form came first. Arthur Les Pins obviously creates the structure but the clean art lines almost bring to mind computer animation. Granted this story was originally in French first so that said, this is first perception of its per se likely in English language. It works but the issue with the film was similar in that it was slightly out of date since it was playing on the Twiight Saga motif. Now granted the tropes can change but with darker horror taking an angle in recent modern culture, it is a little easier in genre to do alien creatures. Granted this is a different tonal element. The lowly intern Gretchen, who is the focus of this volume, happens to have a overseer in high (or more likely low) places which is played into within the film. However in terms of world and the texture of the theme park, it translates well especially for a more light fared perception audience.


By Tim Wassberg

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