Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: LIVEWIRE VOL 1 – FUGITIVE [Valiant]

The aspect of a superhero per se is that both have elements of morality but also an X-Men aspect of greater-than-thou personification. The aspect here in “Livewire Vol 1: Fugitive” [Vita Ayala/Valiant/112pgs] is a girl who controls all media and electronics from Facebook to satellites. It seems a little too all encompassing a solution. In a previous story, she cut out the power to the entire country causing mass panic, downed airliners and many other problem. She contends that she did it to protect her friends who were being targeted by the government. The progression here involves her trying to reconnect with her family of sorts while still on the lam. Our lead character here comes off both vulnerable but also unprepared at times as she makes leaps of logic. Ultimately the aspect involves a possibility to negate her powers which of course becomes a duel of the fates inevitably. The problem in the texture of the story is the loss of resolution. A lot of perceptions are said and discussed but nothing is necessarily resolved. The lead character’s prowess in fighting can take the place of her powers but it doesn’t explain the discrepancy of the training. Ultimately, the story does not create the true feeling of stakes of what she is fighting for. Even the showdown with her brother, both trained under a fighting master, seems ram shot and not very convincing overall. Unlike “Scarlet” which really had a handle on its protagonist and her reasoning and action, “Livewire” takes a concept and, at least within this volume, does not bring it to actuation.


By Tim Wassberg

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