Sirk TV Comic Review: IDW Small/Limited Issues #4 [IDW]

These batch of issues focuses in a central theme of how perception impair judgement but also how actions one cannot see defines the trajectory of certain stories.

Star Trek: The Q Conflict #4  Unlike the previous issue which was played in more of a standard straight-on battle, the idea here is about approach and consequence. Q, in trying to provoke  as many people as possible takes aim at another opponent in the prophets that inhabit the  wormhole near  Deep  Space  Nine.  Each of the ships take a different approach depending  which DS9 crew member is on board. What is the most telling is when Kirk and his Enterprise  actually enter the wormhole and the people he sees are in the form of Edith from “Shore Leave” and Gary Lockwood from “Where  No  Man  Has  Gone  Before”. It is an interesting personal inflection as on that Worf makes in real life with Commander Dax. The story becomes about how you see the world versus those that define you.

Star Trek TNG: Terra Incognita #6  Unlike  the  previous  issue  in  this  series  which  had  more  of  a  stand  alone  episodic  structure  to  it,  this  one  is  more  fueled  by  the  overall  storyline  of  the  mirror  universe  Picard  looking  to  steal  more  technology.  The  art  also  is  not  as  dynamic  as  the  previous  issue  with  more  skewed  lines  and  color  palette  which  makes  the  characters  seem  more  blocky.  the  texture  of  the  characters’  motivation  also  are  not  as  crisp.


Star Wars Adventures #21 This issue has Han, Luke & Chewie, likely between “Hope” and “Empire”, doing a supply run  or  Leia  on  an  outer  world. Han has a price on his head but seems more reckless than in “Hope”. The more brazen qualities apparent in “Solo” seem to come through which is almost refreshing since Chewie knows he is capable of it. Luke does have to finagle behind the scenes so ultimately there is not any true effect on canon. Another  Wild Tales bookends this issue with the story of a small creature named Kabe in Mos Eisley who is able to accomplish a small mission in terms of infiltration versus something that a small army could not. It shows the thematic structure of simple solutions.

Star Trek: Waypoint Special 2019 The stories within this issue traverse the entire structure of the Star Trek Universe in different ways, two from notions of communication perspective and the other two from approaching the essence of relationships from logical versus emotional perspectives. On the communication side, Tasha Yar and Dr. Crusher head to a ship where everyone has disappeared but no one remembers them actually being there. The essence of different realities using technology plays upon this idea as does a voyage when Janeway isan earlier ship with Tuvok as a Lt. The planet they are visiting is shifting through different dimensions. The other side of the coin functions in a TOS tale first. It follows the fact that McCoy falls in love per se with a Vulcan female scientist and he can’t get through to her. Spock’s advice: “Don’t even try” which is said without emotion. The flip story involves Worf post DS9 and TNG running away from his feelings when he was still in love with the alien Dax who changed bodies on him. All the stories create an inherent bridge between the crews and universes more than some of the other crossovers.

By Tim Wassberg

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