Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: A WALK THROUGH HELL VOL. 1 [Aftershock]

The aspect of a literal hell involves the aspect of the a mind freak that allows even the most logical of people to lose perception of their judgment. in “A Walk Through Hell Vol. 1” [Garth Ennis/Aftershock/120pgs], Ennis, who also created “Preacher” uses the aspect of perception to dominate his characters’ lives. He follows two FBI agents on the path of a child abuser/abductor but they get stuck inside a warehouse in a time loop. Different people, including many agents, are stuck in a progression not of their own doing but one that allows for a pause of logic. Whether it is a man continually blowing his brains out with a gun but never dying to a logical FBI agent being pursued by a monster that he only recognizes from his childhood, there is a bevy of layers of meaning. In many ways there is a parallel to Netflix’s “Mindhunters” because both agents there know what they need to do but it is a matter about how deep they allow themselves to be led or tricked into as it would be. The characters here talk about the aspect of what is real versus what they think they might be seeing but they are not in control so it is just whoever is pulling the strings that is setting the stage. This aspect whether it be a deity or demon is kept hidden. but like Mulder’s & Scully, this team works because of the discussions they have and not the resolutions they find. It is about highlighting their weaknesses and how they make them stronger that will dictate what later volumes will reveal.


By Tim Wassberg

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