Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: SOLO – A STAR WARS STORY [IDW]

The graphic novel adaptation of the movie “Solo: A Star Wars Story” [Alessandrio Ferrari/IDW/72pgs] leaves nothing out except possibly some thrills and a little bit of action. Unfortunately with this aspect of “Solo”, we are not given any more insight into the screenplay and how it might have differed from the movie. This is more or less a straight shot from what was seen on screen and while effective it doesn’t give a different permeation of who Solo is and more importantly who Qi’ra is. The best panel of he whole graphic novel is the kiss between them on the Falcon that is in many ways reminiscent of Han & Leia’s kiss in “Empire”. What continues to permeate in the mind though is what a great character Qi’ra is especially with her perspective of Crimson Dawn. Again this might be an interesting play for Disney+ especially since Emilia Clarke will be more available now that “Game Of Thrones” has ended. It is just a matter if they get to it quickly enough while Clarke still looks the same. The angular nature of the art gives Han and Qi’ra even more swagger which again gives the tone a better function and steams the story along. There is nothing truly wrong with the story…just the timing was wrong with the release and the bad press from the director switch-over. Again it would be interesting to see the original Lord/Miller take on the material. But for the time being this graphic novel continues to show the set up for what it might have been. It is just interesting that the Solo story would be the set up for another female led foray in the Star Wars universe if the cards are played right.


By Tim Wassberg

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