Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT IRIS – VOL. 1 [Aspen MLT]

The story of “Executive Assistant Iris Vol. 1″ [David Wohl/Aspen MLT/176pgs], though thrilling in many ways, is enigmatic of a 90s action movie mixed with James Bond. It is slick and thrilling in many ways. The art is beautiful. the locations great. But the journey Iris takes as an assassin under the thumb of an Asian gangster trained from birth hits some of the problem snags that dogged”Red Sparrow” in terms of a film with Jennifer Lawrence last year. The aspect of the story revels in the balance of brainwashing versus personal choice, what Iris is tasked to do and what she is expected to do at many points. She doesn’t question it but it reflects in the aspect that perhaps there is no way out for her. Some of her kills are reminiscent of O-Ren in “Kill Bill”, but in that focal point, Lucy Liu’s characters takes revenge for the death of her father rather than be subjugated and then takes the power from those who supposedly gave it to her. Here it is the reverse balanced by the patriarchal power structure jockeying her against her fellow assistants/assassins. Again the action is stunning, the perspectives great and the read is swift but the context and relevance in a modern take is decidedly off. Iris does find her focal point but it resides in the fact that she makes a choice and it doesn’t vibe with her boss’ goals. While the volume ends with a ode to a larger threat, her world is no longer open to her.


By Tim Wassberg

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