Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: IRONS – VOL 1. – THE ENGINEER [Europe Comics]

The perspective of what origin stories are usually pertains to superheroes in what creates their mythology but the texture is that real people and normal people always have their origin stories and will continue to do so. “Irons” [Tristan Roulot/Europe/147pgs] uses its perspective and, while creating an anti-social anti-hero, the reality of his reactions and problem solving give an interesting credence to his story. The initial construct works quite well since it establishes our main character’s strengths, weaknesses and motive but also his psychology. Irons is a man created by his pain. He is an engineer by trade and did bridge demolitions in Afghanistan but now works in the private sector on bridges. One night as he is traveling to Montreal, but he gets stuck in New Brunswick during a snowstorm and happens to witness the destruction of part of a large bridge. Stuck in the town and initially considered a suspect, he becomes both part of the investigation but also a hindrance and revelation to the town despite rubbing them the wrong way. His relation to the local police investigator is the best part of the graphic novel both because of its brutal honesty but also in the fact that it harks to the real human psyche. The story plays real and the art in many ways, especially underwater and in the night, really underlines this. The resolve is both logical but also effective for the story. In an age where everybody thinks the protagonist has to have a superpower, simple human ingenuity sometimes is all one needs.


By Tim Wassberg

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