Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: THE CORSAIRS OF ALCIBIADES [Europe Comics]

The aspect of a secret school in order to make the idea of adventure become real tends to function on a basis of say “The Skulls” or Captain Nemo. However if it can connect to the texture of the youth and also be global, it takes on a different dynamic. With “The Corsairs Of Albigaides” [Fillippi & Liberge/Europe Comics/58pgs], the alliance of almost pirates and national security blend with the origin story of agents who through a series of tests have to show and exhibit their problem solving abilities as well as stamina. There is a nice cross section of male and female charm and can do even though this is set back at the turn of the 20th century (as in the 1900s). The progression moves on the basis that there is always lost treasure to be discovered and that this will indefinitely fund this secret society that works under the auspices of Her Majesty. While some of the art and creation points gives the graphic novel a illustrious hero boost of sensibility, it feels a tad forced. However there is moments of grandeur especially on the bow of a large ship with young industrialists ready for battle. Alas, it is only a short blink before they are returned to London to be given assignments. Granted the way they both get from their initial university and then get back to Central London Underground is quite neat say on par with the hidden Hall Of Magic in “Harry Potter”. This introduction, however fanciful, doesn’t really move the stakes on with any vengeance or persistance. It is more used as a primer for the next adventure which hopefully delivers on its promise.


By Tim Wassberg

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