Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: CHARLIE’S ANGELS VOL. 1 – THE DEVIL YOU KNOW [Dynamite/Diamond]

The essence of Charlie’s Angels considering the upcoming reboot with Kristen Stewart reflects in the ability to use all their wares to accomplish their missions but doing so with a tongue in cheek pursuit and a healthy dose of humor. In comparison to the McG iteration with Drew Barrymore and company, it might be harder to do that in the current age of the anti-hero. The progression here in “Charlie’s Angels Vol. 1 – The Devil You Know” [John Layman/Dynamite/124pgs] is based in the old school of the late 70s while not adhering directly to the physical manifestations of the TV shows. The first story works in the interior structure of a local problem inflicted in the guise of the Limbo Lounge with the key being almost entrapping said criminals to give away their information to beautiful women. This seems a little below their abilities of course so the next story which takes up most of the volume which has them tracking a spy overseas has a little more verve to the possibilities. In doing to a point what “The Spy Who Dumped Me” attempted to do but with a little more “Mission Impossible” to it, this story puts the Angels against a bad ass female assassination squad. Of course it comes to bear that the Angels mistakenly judge the person that was supposed to be their mark because of faulty intelligence from their own guy Charlie which harkens back to a plot point from the first story. The ending parlays with President Carter in tow which of course works much better in comic form than in real life. The quips are fast, the fashion fun and the international intrigue light which makes for a fun read.


By Tim Wassberg

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