Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: X-O MANOWAR – VOL. 6 – AGENT [Valiant/Diamond]

The Emperor Of The Universe is always a good ally to have in your corner especially if a motivated invasion force is trying to make their way in perpetuity onto your planet using an impenetrable metal sphere that can break certain elements of time space. In “XO Manowar – Vol 6: Agent” [Matt Kindt/Valiant/112pgs], Aric, who seems resigned to his exile, is brought back by the one mortal woman who can connect to him (though that exact pull without reading earlier volumes does not truly connect). Capshaw, said connected woman and a colonel with a special division of the US Government, asks him to help even though he knows she is using him and vice versa (though what would an immortal stand to gain except ego). He attacks the sphere only to find his thinking armor which usually protects him has no said defense against his foe who seems a nomad by appearance whose behavior is rendered inert. Either way he is able to still able to battle them which seems almost antithetical. It turns out this warrior is searching for his Sky Princess whom he believes has been taken by a man named David Camp. Camp is a personification of the religious sector that wants to govern its people’s whether it be a David Koresh or Jim Bakker. The Sky Princess soon turns against him but the damage is basically done. Aric defeats Camp but the last third of the graphic novel looks like it is washed in ash since it shows Camp opening up a portal to bring down a meteor or perhaps the sphere. Capshaw is able to claim victory but the end seems a bit misaligned since it doesn’t build to a specific perception. Like other ideas, the overall arch especially with those moving towards immortality loses the identifiable connection in its wake. The ash based conclusion of the graphic novel is not as detailed as it needs to be which causes the illustrations to lose their way.


By TIm Wassberg

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