Sirk TV Spotlight: KINGA KIERZEK

Kinga Kierzek is the Angel Of The East and has surprised everyone in Hollywood. For the past few years her genuine smile and her deep stare have conquered a few directors and producers. From “Happy Birthday Rita” to “Sharkproof” to Citizens United’, Ms. Kierzek knows how to captivate an audience with a flair for striking pauses and a mastering of a language that is not her first. Indeed, Kinga was born in Poland and moved a little while ago to the USA. She always had the dream to become an actress and, with her ever expanding resume, one can tell she must have been guided by an invisible angel. And an Angel she is becoming  herself, gaining with each role her pair of wings and gracing the screen with splendor. A few people have made it in La La Land but with her persistence, charm and skills Ms Kierzek can flirt with the idea of an Oscar one day as long as she keeps her craft blossoming. As the slogan of “Sharkproof” says: “It’s sink or swim” and for sure this little mermaid has learned how to survive among the Hollywood sharks. I heard she has an inspiration also to produce and even direct her own project. Now, this is how to take your destiny in your hands and shoot for the moon. It’s about faith and courage, it’s about hard work and hard will. This is the American dream and Kinga Kierzek is now part of it. Long live the Angel of the East and we are looking forward to her next features on Netflix or at a theater near you.

By Emmanuel Itier

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