Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: HERAKLES BOOK 2 [Lion Forge/Diamond]

The essence of the trajectory of a brute finds its Cromagnon perception in this iteration of Hercules. Bathed in angular viciousness, this Hercules in “Herakles – Book 2” [Eduoard Ward/Lion Forge/160pgs]  is one bathed in the trajectory of treasure but without say the valiant texture of Odysseus or even Jason & The Argonauts who play into the structure later in this story. Hercules here is a blunt instrument. While his idea of retribution is a hard hit in the face, the more interesting trajectories happen when he needs to think a little but or has a sliver of emotion. Most of the times you can feel the impact of one of his hits but nevertheless most of the time there is no meaning. when he comes upon Atlas who is holding the sky up, Hercules is simply searching for the Golden Apples but his simple reasoning is because they are there. However when he agrees to hold up the sky, it is a simple slight of hand that gives him the upper advantage. Similarly when he heads into Hades and has to pass over the river Styx per se, he is searching for one of his friends to bust him out to say nothing of a female allure that draws him. One of the better bits of humor happens when the sirens come out of the water and he refuses them saying that he has other things to deal with but maybe later. The only joy it seems comes when he sees his brother but even that is short lived as the draw of conflicts draws him. However like “Godzilla” in many ways, he is smash and grab despite some of his actions do good. The journey although raucous and fun in this book is sometimes devoid of purpose.


By Tim Wassberg


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