Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: TAXI TALES – THE FRAGRANT LADY [Europe Comics]

The ambiance of a taxi cab or, in modern times, more that of an Uber, is being able to connect to a person who normally you might not have intercepted in your normal life. On a recent trip to New York City for this writer, this seemed to paint true. Two of the women who drove an Uber came from 2 disparate countries both in the Southern Hemisphere, their stories of both ambition and success but also of struggle. Some stories are more intense than others. Some more romantic. Which is why a story like “Taxi Tales: The Fragrant Lady” [Ergun Gundez/Europe Comics/60pgs] is a good starting point for understanding people’s journeys. Now, granted, in an entertainment medium or even in the back of the car, certain elements will be embellished to enhance the story. That is only human nature of course. The interesting switch with something like “Taxi Tales” is that they seem to be based from a point of view in Instanbul which would be a different kind of mixture than say New York. The story here is of an older man when he was younger encountering a young woman in a hotel which turns into a quick affair. Against his better judgment, he feeds her her poison to allow her to get through another day not understanding that he is simply a weigh station. She might not remember but she has undeniably become part of his story. He cannot forget her laugh, her body, her scent. But again being told it second hand, the imagery can change in the mind of the listener making it all the more alluring if it wasn’t so cliche.


By Tim Wassberg

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