Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: ALDO [Europe Comics]

The aspect of somebody lost in their own mind and puzzled by the perceptions of what they think they are meant to do versus the actual world they live in has long been a matter of discussion. The conflict within the story of “Aldo” [Yannick Penegrin/Europe Comics/81pgs] is what and when the lead character actually thinks he is. The author seemingly wants you to believe his story but the context of time and place to this character might be the exact same thing. Aldo thinks that he is immortal but he says he cannot tell the truth (or he can’t be honest as he says to his shrink). In that context, everything he says is therefore a lie. Despite this setback, Aldo does seem to be a very empathetic character if not a tad passive. He paces a lot and retraces his steps with a sense of ADD but he is never vengeful about it. His tenderness towards the dog he is babysitting shows that yet his father who is a senile and yet not has the same digs as him. As Aldo ventures to see a man in Washington DC that he also believes has been alive for 200 years, his delusion becomes more complete. He, of course, is the patient but ultimately this is his affliction denial or is just simply his lack of attention. The art compared with the story seems to focus on the minutae but also the balance of how time feels. “Aldo” is an interesting exercise but begs comparison to the actual meaning it is meant to show.


By Tim Wassberg

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