Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: GALAKTIKON [Albatross/Diamond]

In the vein of “Metalocalypse”, the aspect of a hero bathed in death metal fighting hell is an interesting concept. but the creator of that perception here takes on an aspect of space opera mixed with heavy metal. “Galaktikon” [Brendon Small/Albatross/144pgs]  is an no-holds barred narcissistic hero redemption story that is built within an idea (like “Jolly Roger“) that the characters being shown are fallible, desirous but also prone to lapses in judgment. Triton here is a washed-up hero who never takes off his helmet in saving his space anchor girlfriend Liz, not even when they are having sex or partying. When she finds him moving around and cheating on her, she pushes for a divorce on a planet known for it. The breakdown in communication as Triton tries to escape and his mother computer sends him to a world planet for therapy which definitely plays to the id in the play of the journey. Like “Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy”, it uses the robots and the ship’s computer as the basis for friendship until Triton gets pulled back in with his love for his former girlfriend who, at best, her horny friends help her pick up a guy in a bar who happens to be mired in sludge. He eventually takes off his mask after his therapist dies and dunks himself in the kill pool where he becomes reborn. One of the guards waiting to feed Triton and his fellow captors to a monster is manipulated and brought back into the fold. Triton realizes his error but the excess of color, profanity and the fact that one of the droids speaks in guitar licks is interesting within the structure of the narrative. The author is inspired by old Roger Corman sci fi films of the early 80s but also by the music of Queen and ELO. This pacing might make for a grand film in the essence of “Guardians” but with an R context. It’s an interesting journey to be sure and one that is realized in short form on Funny Or Die and could make an interesting expanded universe.


By Tim Wassberg

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