Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: THE FLASH VOL. 8 – FLASH WAR [DC]

The texture of what constitutes the end of the world on a grand scale or for a character can take on many forms. Plausibility is a big factor but motivation also takes on an inherent importance as well. Within the context of “The Flash Vol 8: Flash War” [Joshua Williamson/DC/160pgs], the battle is for a sense of loss primarily between Barry Allen and his ward per se: Wally West. Both have endured hardships and loss but the it is the extrusion of alternate timelines that can be affected by their speed aka Speed Force which opens up a diametric element of conflicting elements. The 25th Century comes off a bit “Bill & Ted” while the essence of other superheroes and really their inability to affect any change is related to a secondary structure. The essence of family is strong but also the motivation of different characters to do “what is right”. Wally has lost his children per se in a world that now believes they never existed. However this is all motivated by unrealistic expectations in a slightly unreal world. Ultimately it leads to the unraveling of space time and a villain whose initial motivations were a ruse and the fairly superficial, even in plot, machinations. The resolution is ultimately satisfying, if not undone simplistically despite some great art and tension when a race is on that no other human being can stop but The Flash.


By Tim Wassberg

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