Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: STAR TREK – WAYPOINT #1 [IDW]

The aspect of Star Trek is that there are many different alternate identities and moments that swell within the universe no matter what time is implicated. This approach works very well with “Star Trek: Waypoint #1” (Dave Baker/IDW/52pgs] though some stories work better than others. “Eternity’s Gate” which follows the emergence of Captain Decker from “Star Trek The Motion Picture” into the Q Continuum makes perfect sense but also opens up more questions than it answers which is in keeping with Star Trek lore. Q’s disinterest but also Decker’s almost Starchild quality makes for an interesting read. “My Human Is Not” follows a different perception in an altogether different way since it is a vignette from the perspective of Spot, Data’s cat and how he is eventually able to tell the difference between Data and Lore. It is simple but undeniably effective. “Histories” tells a story of perspective which keys in to what future worlds might think of us but ultimately who will be writing our successes and failures and how they will be perceived in generations to come. The aliens here question the prime directive and its impact to the universe but they won’t alter their perception when one of them raises up to question its validity. The final story is from the perception of Dax from “Deep Space Nine” as she continues in a separate body and she struggles to find the right actions to take down an Andorian adversary. It is interesting because it is a story of personal identity but also of decision. All these stories provides an interesting examination of perception making them an undeniable addition to the universe of Star Trek.


By Tim Wassberg

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