Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: THE X-FILES – CASE FILES – VOL. 1 [IDW]

The texture of “The X-Files” are interesting in what can be done on screen versus in print and how technology has changed that perspective. The revival of “The X-Files” on Fox shows that time doesn’t diminish any of the stories. It just balances on the basis of what the characters have been through. The interesting thing about adventure like these within the comic books is that is brings them back to their beginnings…their instincts….and with less baggage. The two stories in “The X-Files – Case Files – Vol. 1” [Delilah Dawson/IDW/96pgs] paint more the aspect of both cult structure but a bit of the supernatural. “Florida Man” seems more based in southern culture with references of the alligators and hieroglyphics. The best idea is when Scully is almost lured over to the cult through a serum like a reverse “Temple Of Doom”. Mulder breaks the path but his idiosyncrasies in terms of sweating and other ADD tells keeps the humor light. The 2nd story is a little more eccentric as it talks about an owl that swoops down and takes people away. Again an aspect of a serum per se in some doughnuts alter Mulder’s perception of what he is seeing and Scully gets an admirer in the same local guy that seems to be at the center of their investigation. Again it is a balance of humor and not overwhelming dead that gives this volume its pace but also its core. It never feels over dense but very evenly streamlined despite that story is one that involves shapeshifter..


By Tim Wassberg

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