As a matter of principal, The Original Series episode “Mirror Mirror” was groundbreaking because, like many of those initial episodes, the motivation was showing themes and the texture of virtue within the characters in unlikely situations. The aspect of a mirror universe Spock and the notion of logic versus power is an undeniable possibility in the crux of human (or in that case Vulcan behavior). In the graphic novel “Star Trek: The Next Generation – Through The Mirror” [Scott & David Tipton/IDW/120pgs] this comes into play but more as a mirror reflection as a narrative push, not necessarily because it shows any insight into the characters with the exception of Reg Barkley (though his storyline has a different function). The crux of the story involves TNG Mirror Universe characters trying to pillage the good universe by stealing technology and supplies from it. The concept is a bit far fetched (even for Star Trek) but it is an interesting thought process since the story does have basis with the Defiant episode of TNG though the extension of the corruptness is never mentioned. The face-off of sorts within the story is interesting though it’s resolution is undeniably expected and predictable. However, the continuing influence of Spock in the alternate universe is quite interesting. That story would be an interesting one to be told although the end game here in the alternate universe is resolutely grim. But this is also why the ending of the first season of “Star Trek: Discovery” did so well. This is, of course, where the influence for this storyline in “Through The Mirror” comes from. One aspect that comes through succinctly though is within the art, specifically at times in its replay of visuals from The TOS. The inking has an almost dreamlike quality that works well for this format.


By Tim Wassberg

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