Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: JUSTICE LEAGUE – NO JUSTICE [DC]

Like “Infinity War” but in a less existential way “Justice League – No Justice” [Scott Snyder & Joshua Williamson/DC/144pgs] uses the elements of life within a structure of the four Titans Of The Universe: Entropy, Wisdom, Wonder & Mystery. They are used as a texture for the blending of different approaches and thought processes: heroes and villains alike. During previous adventures (like “The Terrifics Vol. 1“), the universe begins breaking down from the cracks created by the Justice League. In trying to help, they created a bigger problem, not through a sense of ignorance but likely of coincidence and conscience. The story is placed into motion by Braniac who seems to have a perception of these ancient Titans being the key to the unraveling of the universe. While this is not quite directly explained in terms of the structure of the multiverse, it does create a basis for the fights which allow different heroes and villains to make headway. Those heroes and villains who are not in play simply go into stasis. What is encouraging is that the main characters like Superman, Flash and Batman don’t hog the scenery. Smaller characters like Beast Boy, Lobo, Martian Manhunter, Lex Luthor, Starfire and Starro are allowed to shine. One image in particular of Beast Boy when Lobo finally encourages him to embrace his rage is a telling moment because it shows the thin line between the villains and the heroes. Similar points happen when Manhunter calms Sinestro’s mind and when Green Arrow faces off against US Government Agent Waller [on Earth] whose psychics destroy something that unbalances the universe. “Justice League: No Justice” has many moving parts but like say “Transformers: Optimus Prime – Vol. 4”, it doesn’t feel the need to over analyze its mythology but simply to give you the basis of its focus. It is the characters and their shortcomings and also compassion as well as failings that make the story work.


By Tim Wassberg

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