The aspect of adventures within the Star Wars Universe most of the time would begin or end with Han Solo since his idea of fun always gets him into trouble but his misguided (at times) ingenuity always gets him out of said situations. The idea in this adventure goes under the texture of “Star Wars Adventures: Smuggler’s Blues – Vol. 4” [Cavan Scott & Elsa Charretier/IDW/80pgs]. This ideal involves double crossing two bounty hunters to get to an actual mark to make some money. As usual, Solo barely gets the job done a little too late and falls into a bigger situation. The tone that always makes the Solo adventures work is that balance of humor and “I told you so” mechanics similarly helped along by Chewbacca in a bigger context. Landing on an alien planet that basically has its own doomsday defense mechanism which works against Solo’s obvious prejudice against droids shows its true backbone. The second story involves Lando Calrissian in a story seemingly set after he took control of Cloud City trying to show a balance from his former underworld associates and the growing heart that he seems to find by the time “Empire” rolls around. Here, the lesson shown is the aspect pf issues with running with the wrong crowd.even though the gangster Lando gets the favor from reminds him that you are never out no matter how many times you shine a medal. The final story of the volume keys into a character that one has always heard rumblings about but perhaps is too extreme visually to be in the live action universe. Jaxxon is a green bunny with a passing resemblance to Bugs who is both egotistical and weirdly identifiable. Jaxxon always seems to be a foil to Han Solo’s exploits even as he is trying to make a name for himself. This character trusts people willingly and then gets the back end of the stick (in a way not dissimilar to Solo) but always seems to come out without loss…but also without gain. The stories in this volume are stories of temperance but caution in the Star Wars realm while still remembering that people are the same no matter what species or race they are

By Tim Wassberg

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