Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: TRANSFORMERS – OPTIMUS PRIME – VOL. 4 [IDW]

The Transforrners, despite their action background, are also quite verbose. But this is never as true as in graphic novel form with “Transformers: Optimus Prime Vol. 4” [John Barber/IDW/160pgs]. Both the amount of characters and the politics that continue to interweave in their idea of progress muddles the situation. Cybertron, as a place, seems mired for millions of years of jockeying for power in the past. In this iteration, Optimus has given up or been stripped of his role as the true Prime, likely through the essence of arrogance within himself. He still has his backers but the essence of the Decepticons and their subjugation enters into play. However, their name itself implies deception. There seems to be a higher order of justice though in Caminus specifically through the Mistress Of Flame but even she seems mired in simple words. The one with any sort of active personification of work seems to be Soundwave who meddles in time for no more reason than his own narcissism. However, he actually goes and does something about his ideals to prove his point. But when it comes back to actual bolts, it makes a very small amount of difference except to paint a backstory. That said, partially because of Soundwave as well as Starscream, Optimus is vaulted into Aftraspace or is murdered…it is not really clear. There he finds Bumblebee who is stuck in this limbo sort of work. The Matrix Optimus still possesses seems to be their key out. All said and done, the denseness of the story does not add to the progression of mythology and, for the most part, the panels are crammed filled but not necessarily with pertinent information except for the most die-hard of fans.


By Tim Wassberg

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