Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: MAN OF STEEL [DC]

The aspect of Superman which has been oft specifically contrasted in the aspect of control but more egregiously in certain ideas the aspect of absolute power within his identity. For many shapes and forms, he is considered a god albeit a benign one. The aspect that “Man Of Steel” [Brian Michael Bendis/DC/184pgs] poses, unlike “Superman II”, is not domination but annihilation from a being sworn to kill everything of Krypton because it believes that the Kryptonians are a blight on the Galaxy. What is interesting here is the integration of Jal-El, the father of Kal, in a portal when he comes to take Superman’s son [Jonathan] with Lois Lane to show him beyond the basic nature of man. It is much like The Traveler or Q in “Star Trek The Next Generation” summoning their wards or Wesley. The young are seduced by the idea of adventure and not necessarily the end game. The great thing about the art here (as well as the writing) is that you can see the hurt in Clark’s face as he is separated from his new family. All which he lost in the destruction of Krypton comes back cyclically and it can be seen on his face. And when the scourge reaches earth most of his friends including the Justice League can’t help him at all. It is all a matter of perspective. Supergirl finds him at one point buried in the moon of his own accord so the beast pursuing him does not attack Earth again. It may seem like a passive move but interestingly it rings true. Another sequence, which involves the destruction of the minimized city of Kandor which Supes was able to save from Krypton, shows Kal El breaking down in Supergirls arms. We also see his vulnerability when Lois is gone that he is attracted to a female fire chief with that same spark as Lois. There are also certain images like when Superman seems to be screaming in rage as he lifts the Kryptonian killer out of the atmosphere which is chilling. As time evolves, so must Superman and the story in this volume does just that.


By Tim Wassberg

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