Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: CURTAIN CALL [Lion Forge/Diamond]

The idea of real life told in a hyper-real way has marked some of the best aspect of graphic novel lore. This reflects in the idea that skewed faces can represent the inner working of a character’s brain or soul. The key is that the art needs to be just different enough from that which surrounds it. “Curtain Call” [Wilfred Lupano/Lion Forge/128pgs] has a very simple story at its core. A guy, down on his luck, just needs a break to get back to the person and place that makes him happy. The problem is that he ran away in the first place. The lead character Marco, like the passive protagonist in “Fight Club”, knows what is right but also what needs to be done although he might have a skewed vision of how he justifies that. Marco is a simple man but knows the wrong people. He also is not exactly the most confident person despite that he knows when he needs to do the right thing. His biggest misjudgment has to do in his choice of friends specifically Gaby Rocket. Gaby is an awesome character. He is boisterous, an asshole and seemingly doesn’t give a shit but he surprises you in the 9th hour. One sequence in particular after he and Marco are staking out a bar where a family dispute goes horribly wrong, he, despite his own best interests of being a bad guy, turns into a good guy without a sense of bias. It only hits him afterwards. This is a story of human foibles and fact that human nature is undeniable. One can dream of redemption but unfortunately time cannot be turned back. “Curtain Call” shows that this is not necessarily a bad thing but one has to come to terms with it. In this instance this graphic novel in both its voice, mannerisms and visuals, despite its simplicity, works with a degree of genius.


By Tim Wassberg

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