The aspect of “Guardians Of The Galaxy” has made way for more interesting superhero mash ups. DC has always had some great potential with this but it is a matter of finding the best balance. In “The Terrifics Vol 1: Meet The Terrifics (New Age Of Heroes)” [Jeff Lemire/DC Comics/144pgs], that balance is mostly found but it is the lunacy in a great way of Plastic Man that really makes this volume sing. Unlike some self referential superheroes, Plastic Man works because he is ripping not necessarily on modern pop culture but on human behavior. Metamorpho, who has a bit of a self esteem problem seems the perfect foil since he is trying to balance both worlds (to a more benign end than say Two Face) including a girlfriend who is stubborn but doesn’t want to change him and his own nature which is fueled in this specific story where his twin or mirror reflection of himself (as it might be) is stuck in a dark universe of sorts. Mr. Terrific, as a character, is the least interesting. He may carry a tragic past but his constant almost whining nature about the state of what needs to be and his ability to save it can become a little grating. This makes him the weaker link in the chain per se. Phantom Girl, whom they find on the dark side through the portal, is a lost girl who was taken by her parents and lived in this inter =dimensional arena where she was neither real nor imaginary. This idea leads to a texture of existentialism and the state of being within her character. A good construct is that when they leave the universe to battle in the real world (which is not as interesting per se), they are all bound together physically. The finale speaks to a new member or at least can break their curse or friendship whichever way you want to look at it. “The Terrifics Vol. 1: Meet The Terrifics (New Age Of Heroes)” is a fun romp but with some uneven edges to be sure.


By Tim Wassberg

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