Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: ASTONISHER VOL. 2 – ALL THE NIGHTMARES [Lion Forge/Diamond]

The continuing journey of Magnus who controls and, in many ways, is the Astonisher, takes on the role of a hero trying to hide. In “Astonisher Vol. 2 – All The Nightmares” [Alex de Campi/Lion Forge/144pgs], Magnus is at a loss with his powers. The idea is that a suit is what allows him to becomes superhuman. The women he is surrounded with including girlfriend Sasha, almost act as his clan but he feels that he doesn’t deserve to be with them. They are accomplished both in life and in education while he finds himself lacking. After he escapes from his original captors, he reaches out to a Federal agent who understands his plight. Said Federal Agent also just happens to be head of a secret section of the FBI. While certain elements of this perception are circumspect at best and require a certain suspension of disbelief, it allows the story to establish Magnus’ want of his old life or at least the superficial joy of it. His brother Drew in some megalomaniacal fashion is preparing to brainwash most of the planet through an app and a satellite link provided by his and Magnus’ mother who is the head of Alistat. The story progression is fairly standard and takes a bit longer than necessary to kick in. It is only when an older Zelda-like lady enters in at the bequest of the Federal Agent does the graphic novel kick up a notch. Her attachment to the astral plane and her ability to transport Magnus gives the story the ability to jump both in meta as well as literal structures. The pace is upped immediately but the progressions become, though fun in certain ways, akin to “Moonraker” in many respects. While a certain part of resolution and transcendence happens on the way to space both inside and outside the mind, “The Astonisher” seemingly exists in his own world where the ability to act is just reasoned in the aspect that he has no other choice.


By Tim Wassberg

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