Sirk TV Travel Feature: Urban Rural Reflection – A Killarney/Sudbury Culinary Interlude [Northeastern Ontario, Canada]

The integrated perspective of many places is determined by the association of food and tranquility or at least a semblance of the pair. Some of those determinations exist on the idea of both time and situation, city and rural, resort and local.

Killarney Mountain Lodge Settling within the restaurant just outside the Grand Hall, the ideal is specifically local food with a hint of texture and aesthetic. The smoked trout app bathed above leafy greens with a potato latke is destined not to overwhelm even when balanced with a Waterloo dark porter in the eve of the afternoon. Breakfast by comparison is meant to be wistful with Eggs Benedict or a 3 egg omelette filled with spinach and ham with just the right amount of fresh melon and cantelope.

Herbert Fisheries Fish N’ Chips Situated a small hike down the wharf from the lodge, the inclusive nature of Killarney Village is clear. With the hospitable docks belying the ideals of hard work and even more play, the sense of comfort food reigns supreme on most minds. Herbert Fisheries Fish & Chips, formerly and simply a shack of sorts on the end of the docks, now boasts crunchy fish and chip bathed over fries. Malt vinegar and the house tartar provide all the additions needed.

Big Willy’s Bait Shack Moving further down the dock, just in front of The Sportsmans Inn, also run by the Killarney Mountain Lodge, stands a small restaurant on the docks. It is a simply set up with beer flowing from the locals including the Cup & Saucer from Manitoulin Brewing. While small tastes of jambalaya set the pace, it was a plate full of steamed shrimp rich in flavor and spice that keyed into the taste buds as the sun continued to set.

My Mother’s Place Back in Sudbury, the gateway to Killarney less than 2 hours away, the local comfort resides in many forms including restaurants like Verdicchio Restaurante and local artisans like Crosscut Distillery (segments forthcoming on Travel Track). However, a special selection resides between the aforementioned business not far from the old coal smoke stack set to be demolished in the coming year. In this small shop, Verdicchio owner Marc’s mother keeps a grand visage of olive oil, unique cheeses and even chocolate salami hidden away along with an assortment of jams including a habenero that simply popped when layered. Resolutely recruited from her many travels to Italy, both great information and a love of the homeland permeates the interior of the shop with aplomb.

Pinchman’s & Deluxe The texture of on-the-go relates within these two stops. Local in nature is usually the way to. With Starbucks and McDonalds invading every suburban focal point, finding those businesses trying to mix it up while serving just pure fun food is key. Pinchman’s Bakery pops as the go-to morning coffee with a dark roast non-fat latte balance with an “oh-too-fattening” danish that feels more like fresh panini while Deluxe Hamburgers, its own franchise right across the street from an unnamed burger established offers heavy duty patties with a chipotle sauce and the genuine crunchiness of onion rings.

Reflecting a short journey to the shores of the Georgian Bay in Northeastern Ontario, unique spots to nosh on can be found around every corner. It is just a matter of looking in the right places.

By Tim Wassberg

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