Sirk TV Comic Review: ECHO GEAR #1 [Rosarium]

echo1Many of Rosarium’s publishing ideals are definitely alternative and run counter to the mainstream but also delve into some interesting arena considered maybe too dark or perhaps too radical for some. This is reflected very much so in “Echo Gear #1” [Vincent Sammy/Rosarium/36pgs]. Resounding with certain ideas of the subconscious it examines more of a feeling and uses of metaphor both in image but also in prose. This girl is wandering through an apocalypse of her mind (all things considered) but is ultimately drawn to death by her own hand. This action is seemingly motivated by another, a love likely, draped in ideas of a romantic wasteland. These sensations permeate this short introduction both opening and closing the narrative corridor as far as understanding our subject’s progression (presumably shown In backstory) or ultimately her admission to the afterlife.


By Tim Wassberg

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