Sirk TV Comic Review: DH Single Issues – 12/23/15 [Dark Horse]

The cross section of this week’s single issues from Dark Horse show transition and an aspect of young reader entry points as well as transformation of known mythology as shown by the Buffy comic. However it is the “Fight Club 2” entry with its move against conventional narrative that really stands out.

buffy-s10-22Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 #22 The dissension of what people think their friends are or should be doing is always how arguments arise. Here, like B.P.R.D. to a certain extent, the military is trying to bring the slayers together to organize a fight against the unknown but also to maintain control of their ranks. Willow seems to find a certain focus in what they are doing instead of seemingly always flailing with Buffy in her wake who, by comparison, does many things by instinct. There also happens to be the female commander in charge who finds her attractive because these things always come in pairs. Buffy herself is having a crisis of conscience which also has to do with her sometimes vampire hybrid boyfriend Ryan. This new focal point of the mythology seemingly works well without losing the inherent basis of the team.

king-conan-wbb-1King Conan: Wolves Beyond Borders #1 When a King who lusts for blood is stuck in peacetime, it is likely he goes completely stir crazy. Here Conan as an older man-king goes undercover at bars to stir up all kinds of problems simply because he has nothing better to do and doesn’t want anybody else stealing his thunder. A supposed old soldier brings a jewel of ill repute back to him which basically functions as a brainwashing tool: one of the oldest narrative devices in the book. The balance here is functional and the art of this series is always grimy and textured but the progression doesn’t necessarily add anything new.

fc2-1Fight Club 2 #1 This idea almost may have seemed an inevitability but it has to do with the way it is approached. The aspect of Tyler Durden is defined in a Hitman style which is almost against the proposition of what he represents. There is also the self reflexive aspect of the writer being chided for conceding to commerciality. However the basis of using Rip Van Winkle children to stage a terrorist war is inspired simply again because of its reflexive nature and the cause and effect relevance which Durden always is a master of. This comic is a good return to form in much of the non-linear aspect it represents.

ibh-sfwj-2Itty Bitty Hellboy: The Search For The Were Jaguar #2 Using the darker structure of Hellboy to create a more kid friendly comic is, of course, a great entry point for younger readers without the darker subtext. This comic more works within the themes of acceptance and finding similarities and things in common with others then any dark purpose of the underworld. The Were Jaguar is like a big puppy dog so it is not perceived as a threat but only as a mischievous presence. The art is more neon and “Powder Puff” to provide a lighter touch but is very accessible from this perspective to its target audience.

paybacks-4The Paybacks #4 The aspect of a team that collects overdue amounts from superheroes is an interesting idea…a sort of a repo man for the super-normal. The key here is knowing who you are pursuing and what their weaknesses are. The pursuit of the Sasquatch is especially engaging because of its use of forced perspective and scale. The humor, which helps in the capture and takedown of a vampire, shows a balance of tone, not unlike say “League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen” despite the fact that seeing the mythology from this one issue is not quite clear yet.

pvz-gw-3Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare #3 Unlike the race of the last graphic novel of this title, this interplay of preposterousness is based in the idea of urban warfare with an orange, a would-be stoner and a rose of certain intelligence fighting against SuperBrainz who is seemingly just enamored of his own self. The art has a certain anime springiness say if you mixed it with an Archie comic of sorts. The best part of this issue is Uncle Dave (who seems like he has screws loose anyway) controlling time portals with burping frogs. This kind of silliness makes this comic work much better than just the free-for-all of the racing narrative simply because the weirder the outcome as far as reaction, the more funny the end result is.

By Tim Wassberg


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