Sirk TV Comic Review: CHADHIYANA #2 [Rosarium]


The idea of a tribe united has been a backbone of several mythic tales. With the extension of the Internet and global communications many such voices can now make themselves known and embody the different cultures sought in a relatable way that still pays tribute to those which it shows. “Chadhiyana” is one such tale. In the second issue “In The Company Of Shadows #2”, [JM DeSantis/Rosarium/36pgs], she and her warrior tribe have captured a witch holding siege over them. They cannot kill her but her very existence belies temptation. The first night after their capture, one of the men volunteer to give her food but falls prey to her spells and ends up dead. Chadhiyana speaks that as a woman and the fighter who captured the witch, she should be the one to watch over her. She seems to indicate that she won’t be swayed by the devil’s charms though the words she hears as she approaches the cage make her feel differently. She runs away in haste. The visual representation of the world is set in dark but earthly hues which gives it a distinct lived in look. The contours of the character’s faces are both intriguing and mysterious in the way they are offset especially when the creators zoom in on eyes or use fire to reflect. The words are specific to the world like in many scenarios including one like Conan. Again this is just one space of a journey so it will be interesting to see where it goes.


By Tim Wassberg


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