Sirk TV Graphic Novel Review: LOBO – VOL. 1: TARGETS [DC Comics]


Lobo has always been a character that just was screwed up all over the place. This makes him on cool, unpredictable and incredibly un-PC and an interesting character to translate. Many old and young iterations have almost made their way to film but, like “Deadpool”, the rub lies in running the line. “Deadpool” currently has goodwill but taste is a fickle thing. That said, this newest story of our “dickhead on wheels” within a graphic novel volume is awesome simply in that it knows itself pretty well. The narrative of “Lobo – Vol. 1: Targets” is based in the idea of an assassin hunting assassins. While there inherently a “Blade Runner” nihilism running through the proceedings, Lobo’s “give a shit” attitude makes all the difference. The formulaic part of it is that he is sent to Earth which is in danger of being destroyed. Some of the best Lobo stories know that it needs not involve Earth since that is usually a fall back mechanism. This volume however does offers interaction with another DC character in Superman but it almost seems like stunt casting because his presence is not really needed. That said, it does offer a nice and fun dig at booth the Man Of Steel’s “do-good” naïveté but also his vanity and ego. At one point when Lobo grabs Supes’ shoulder, you see a great moment in the panel where Superman’s expression is like “how dare he!” Ultimately Lobo needs to get down to business which involves tracking down the last assassin who is the only other living connection to his species. There is an inherent backstory of how Lobo had to kill his own Emperor and by extension his daughter as they were “poisoning” his home planet through their psychic link. This daughter/princess is the final assassin. The sexual chemistry works but like the Queen of a hive, she just wants to mate to reproduce but then kill her betrothed to end the chain. This is the crux but Lobo is who he is. What is a nice addition in mixing up the formula is a group of Earthlings helpers hired by Lobo’s employer. They provide a nice distraction because, as a trio, they are a bald cowboy type, a hot tomboy girl in a cowboy hat and an urban girl who can hack as much as she can shovel quips back at Lobo. Of course, death is the name of it he game so Lobo’s resolution is fairly perceivable. Nonetheless most romps with Lobo are fun and this one is no exception.


By Tim Wassberg


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