Sirk TV Comic Review: KING #1 [Jet City Comics]


The most beautiful thing about the first issue of “King” is how absolutely nonchalant it is. The entire aspect of our world overrun with all kinds of mutated and alien swine makes Mos Eisley look like a church afternoon. Using some recognizable imagery to anyone who has lived in Southern California and had to traverse the 405 daily, it gives that feeling of sun stroked intensity while still realizing that this is a normal day for most of us (sans the creatures). The style purveys in the colors but what also sells it in many ways is the normalcy inherent through it all. It feels at times like “Falling Down”. Any one of the characters could lose it (like Michael Douglas’s character does in that film) and the narrative understands that as the story walks right on the side of danger. Our lead character is an investigator of sorts who as the final one of his species seems fairly accepting that he might die every day doing his job which is investigating and exposing nefarious mutant actions. The simply lurid and almost comically punk depictions of some of the creatures he runs into really gives this first issue verve. I look forward to seeing where it goes from here.


By Tim Wassberg


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